This album was inescapable in the UK when it came out in 2006. I was first introduced to it when I worked at Gap. Fill My Little World was on our store music CD and so I heard it approximately 86 million times a day whilst folding jeans. That clearly didn’t put me off though and fell in love with the album. I remember feeling at the time like it was written for me. What really makes it special to me though is that it takes me back to that weird time in our lives when we weren’t quite kids and not quite adults. It reminds me of my best friends, singing it on road-trips and in the park before we had real jobs. It was also one of the first things my wife and I bonded over. We saw them at our first concert together and many more times since.

01 – I Want You Now

02 – Never Be Lonely

03 – Fill My Little World

04 – Kettle's On

05 – Sewn

06 – Anyone

07 – Strange

08 – I Love It When You Call

09 – Rosé

10 – Same Old Stuff

11 – Helicopter

12 – Blue Piccadilly 

12 (Bonus) – Miss You

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