When this album came out I immediately connected with the weird mix of hip-hop and rock and modern and retro. Like most of the albums on my favourites list, the connection I have with it is based on the memories of youth and the bonds I have with friends over the music. I introduced my best friend to the band and it was one of the many things we bonded over and was something my first serious girlfriend and I had in common. The three of us plus another of my oldest friends travelled to Manchester to see them at what was unbelievably my first ever concert. I still have the big foam finger and yellow trucker hat. Good times. 

01 – Lapdance

02 – Things Are Getting Better

03 – Brain

04 – Provider

05 – Truth or Dare

06 – Tape You

07 – Run to the Sun

08 – Baby Doll

09 – Am I High?

10 – Rockstar

11 – Stay Together

12 – Bobby James

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