Space Jam came out in 1996, when I was 11.
Before that I was always a doodler. My Mum’s office wall was covered in cartoons and bubble writing and drawings of who knows what. But after seeing Space Jam – and Michael Jordan –what I really liked to draw was the Chicago Bulls logo.
I loved that logo. I drew it on every markable surface as often as I could until I could do it from memory. Little did I know that sketching that iconic red bull was igniting a lifelong appreciation for logos and branding
Some time later I found out about something called "graphic design" and the rest is history

I am an independent graphic designer with a particular interest in lettering and hand-drawn elements. I offer – of course – logo design, branding, print and digital graphics and materials, illustration and other creative services.
I'm based near Birmingham in the West Midlands but have worked with clients all over the UK, Europe, USA and the Middle East.
Please get in touch to discuss your creative projects and how we can work together.
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